Casio CS326 Wristwatch

Casio CS326 Wristwatch – Most times you would hear that “It was a gift given by a Friend”. Maybe because its popular, or people just like Casio CS326 Wristwatch with all its functionalities. We will find out in this post, as these watches fall under and . By wearing one of the latest model of casio illuminator in other to maybe standout wherever you go and whatever activities you choose to follow.

CASIO has been very popular by both the old and young in the world. Right from the days of Casio calculators to Casio wristwatches and etc. Casio cs326 wristwatch comes in so many different colours and this could be a fun fashion accessory that puts new sophistication to both men and women as this wristwatch is a unisex wristwatch. With its classic and comfortable slim band, casio cs326 wristwatch is not too bulky. Wearers could mix the timepiece with jewelry and other accessories. Casio cs326 wristwatch can be worn everyday because of its versatility.

Casio cs326 wristwatch fits well with state and style of modern man in the world. Providing its wearers with a combination of fashion and function. Serving as a worthy addition to their collection. As distributors of CASIO watches in the world have received positive response to Casio cs326 wristwatch.

CASIO cs326 wristwatch Appearance

Casio cs326 wristwatch comes in many colors like rose gold, red, yellow, purple, black, white etc. Having a chain band which comes in black and brown etc. While the cover case comes in wood, brown, black, blue etc.

Casio cs326 wristwatch Features

Casio cs326 wristwatch comes in touch screen form, having a calender for day, date, week, month and year. Casio cs326 wristwatch is very useful to students and computer tech guys within the country. For the accurate timekeepers, Casio cs326 wristwatch has an alarm system which does its exact work of keeping time and alerting you for important meetings. Casio cs326 wristwatch is of digital display which also function on night mode. Casio cs326 wristwatch is water resistant as well with its casual style.

Adding value, aiding the lives of people to become better and its leading innovation to social progress, Casio cs326 wristwatch which is also called Casio illuminator LED Display unique wristwatch, makes information easily accessible and useful to the private life of the people in their businesses and schooling. For more on digital wristwatch check out our page on.

Motivation to Achieve Your Goal After a Setback

Motivation to Achieve Your Goal After a Setback, while we do what we think we should be doing instead of spending our time doing what we actually want to do. The idea of a successful life has been shaped by others; family, friends and our environment.

Knowing how you spend your time is key, hardwork is needed to achieve goals and these goals should align with your vision of a successful life.

While hardwork is put in these goals, you will experience setbacks, life does not always go as planned.

Choices have to be made when setbacks arise, would you let that setback hold you down or would use this as motivation to work much harder.

As during moments of setback, emotions try to prevent you from pushing forward toward your goal.

Ultimately, everything boils down to answering the question of how you can achieve your goals after experiencing a setback. Motivation would be needed for this, as well as patience and consistency.

Here’s how you find the motivation to achieve your goals after experiencing a setback.

  1. Silence and Meditation.
    Emotions run high during setbacks. Constant messages on your cellphone can be frustrating.

When things are not going so well, one of the best things you can do is to reduce the noise. Putting electronics off and take sometime to use the silence in gathering your thoughts and process your next line of action.

Use the silence also to regain vision of your goal. Ponder on what life would be like if these goals where achieved.

Make a quiet image in your mind and use this to quiet the high emotions. Your purpose for achieving this goal must be front and center.

  1. Reassess your emotions and talk to someone you trust.

Not talking to someone and bottling emotions will lead to an explosive moment.

One of the keys to success is taking challenging circumstances head on. One of the best things you can do is to reassess your feelings honestly.

Get to the bottom of what is bothering you, be honest to yourself, let all the emotions out and speak to someone you trust during moments of setback. These help in getting back on track after a setback.

  1. Spend sometime on yourself at different times during the day.

Optimizing yourself helps in navigating setbacks. Spending time on and for yourself is one of the top ways of becoming the very best version of yourself. Taking care of yourself should be your first priority. Taking care of yourself helps you develop thick skin to hard times .

Self-priotization gives you energy needed for your goals. Self-priotization aids in achieving more goals.

Having quiet time to read, educate yourself through videos, listening to podcasts and using exercise to burn out any frustration. A gradual progress is observed as you begin self prioritising.

  1. Healthy Self-Optimization
    Sustaining growth is a result of building an arsenal of healthy habits. Prioritising yourself means putting reasonable amount of focus habits. This provides you with the basis of coming back from setbacks.

Build habits that are productive, this will serve in overcoming setbacks and finding the right motivation to aid in achieving your goals.

Self evaluation is crucial, a proper plan for accommoplishing each goal. Recognize that as you improve each habit, setbacks are easier to overcome.

  1. Find inspiration and Role Models of Success.
    Great news is that sources of inspiration motivate you to accomplish goals after a setback. With audio, videos and written content, you can educate yourself on good strategies to accommoplishing your goals.

Your focus should be on creating healthy habits and constant inspiration is also a form of healthy habits to improve on. Following leaders is also a source of inspiration after experiencing a setback.

Your daily Self-Optimization helps find new inspiration. Tapping into that source during setbacks is critical as you build these healthy habits.

Finding inspiration should be from authentic sources of leaders living their truth. False models can lead to setbacks. Therefore, your inspirational content must commit to authenticity.

  1. Ignite the setback as catalyst to work even Harder to accomplish your goals.

Viewing setbacks as a push to work even harder is the motivation you need to get back up and even stronger.

Consistency and work hard over a predetermined period using a step by step approach to goals motivates you to keep going.

  1. One Step At A Time.

Looking at the finished product or the whole picture can seem like a daunting task, but the inspiration to achieve your goals comes from tiny baby steps. The progress is the true motivator.

Timing and planning along with simplification of goals into smaller attainable goals makes achieving the bigger picture possible.

Final Thoughts

Literally, everyone experiences setbacks but this is not the end of the world. These are just life’s lessons along the journey of life. Setbacks are opportunities to reconsider your actions and approach to goals.

Setbacks should be used as motivation and inspiration. Taking a different approach to setbacks and not allowing feelings or emotions cloud judgement is important.

With all the content available, you have the continual motivation to grow and see progress, small and bigger goals being achieved.

How to keep pushing forward and overcome any obstacle

We all face setbacks and obstacles in life. Whether it’s an illness, divorce, financial issues, or a job loss, bumps in the road are a normal part of human existence.

Knowing how to overcome obstacles makes the difference between throwing in the towel and thriving.So, how do we get there? It certainly doesn’t feel easy to move forward sometimes, especially when challenging situations come our way. Sometimes the circumstances are out of our control, like illness, accidents, or disasters. Other times, we might have played a role in creating the situation, but we can’t undo the past. Knowing how to move forward might feel daunting and even impossible.What do you do when you hit those big roadblocks? How do you keep them from throwing a wrench in your plans and derailing your path forward?

We Can Learn Even in the Worst of Times

When we’re facing a major setback, it’s not easy to look on the bright side. It’s totally normal to experience a wide range of emotions when we go through a tough time. We may want to cry, scream, or throw a fit. Some of us may want to shut down and ignore the issue.But there’s always a way to learn and grow from the situations that life hands us. It doesn’t mean the situation isn’t painful, or we won’t experience loss, hurt, and sorrow. It’s important to let ourselves really feel our emotions—these emotions are part of the path forward.We often tend to avoid uncomfortable emotions like sadness, fear, and even anger, because they don’t always feel great. But it helps to recognize that there are no bad emotions. 

All our emotions are part of our humanity. Our emotions tell us powerful truths about ourselves. They guide us toward what we really want and help steer us away from what we don’t. It’s essential to listen to our feelings, especially as we navigate ahead.At the same time, while we should let ourselves feel the full spectrum of emotions during a tough time, it’s also crucial that we don’t get stuck in them or become the victim. We can and should allow ourselves a complete emotional reaction but ride through it

How do we get through emotions? We can learn a powerful lesson if we look at the way children cope with their feelings. When a child faces a setback, they often feel a full range of reactions—sadness, hurt, anger. They might cry or scream. Sometimes they might throw a tantrum.

But after their emotional outburst, they’re often ready to dust themselves off and get back up.

5 Tips on How to Overcome Obstacles and Thrive

Believe in Yourself

It can help us to remind ourselves of our strengths and ability to cope. There’s something psychologists call self-efficacy. It’s our belief in ourselves and in our ability to handle situations. During difficult times self-efficacy becomes a life raft. It tells us that we’re okay. We’ve got this.

Even if the situation becomes overwhelming, we can trust in ourselves that we will handle it. Even when life feels really hard, we will still keep moving forward.

Go Towards the Fear

When we experience fear, our natural human instinct is to move away and resolve it. Think of cavemen back in the days of our early ancestors. Fear kept them alive. When they heard a growl in the jungle, fear indicated they should move away from the source. Fear was survival.Today we still feel fear, but sometimes our reactions are more intense than we need to keep us safe. In most cases, we can actually move toward our fear and examine it. Hug the monster! We can explore our feelings and find out what we’re really afraid of.We may need to talk ourselves through the emotions. Say, “I’m scared, but I don’t need to stay frozen by this fear. I can work through it. Fear doesn’t always predict or indicate danger.” We can ask a friend or partner to reflect our strength back to us. They will remind us that we’ll make it through this time and come out even stronger.

Remember You’re Flexible and Resilient

Human beings possess a tremendous amount of flexibility. When we look at stories of people who overcome obstacles, we’re often reminded of how strong and resilient human beings are. For inspiration, read stories of people who rose above their circumstances.

We’ve all been through a lot in our lives. Even if we’ve had a great life, some situations probably didn’t work out quite the way we wanted. We’ve all overcome something. Many of us overcome lots of different challenges.

So, we got fired. We’re getting divorced. We didn’t land the big deal. Whatever we’re facing feels like an insurmountable defeat right now. We can gain strength when we remember a time when we encountered another crushing blow. What did we do and how did we overcome it? Look at others who have faced similar obstacles. How did they get through and how can we draw inspiration? If we’re here today, we’re still breathing. It is within each of us to rebuild from the ashes and to keep going.

Don’t Make It Personal

Let’s say I lost my job. Does it mean I’m a loser? No, it simply means the circumstances weren’t aligned. I’m free now to find something more aligned with my personality, abilities, and situation.When we look at personalizing setbacks, we misread the message. We may think a breakup means we’re not loveable, or criticism at work means we’re incompetent. But personalizing the message makes it permanent when it’s not us, but rather a situation that didn’t fit.How we explain setbacks to ourselves really matters. We can’t let it color who we think we are. A setback isn’t permanent. We can start making sure that we’re explaining it to ourselves in a way that doesn’t make us feel worse about ourselves or disempowered. We can refuse to let the situation pervade the aspects of who we are at our core.

Get Perspective

They say it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes when we’re mired down in a challenging situation, it isn’t easy to get perspective. Flash forward to a year from now, and our lives are all going to look so different.If we use a challenging situation as an opportunity to learn and grow, we’ll look back in a year and see how even this frustrating, hurtful situation contributed to a greater future. It may be painful and downright awful right now but remind ourselves that how we may feel in this moment isn’t how we will feel for the rest of our lives.Psychologists discovered each person has a happiness set point. When comparing people who won the lottery and people who experienced a tragic accident, they found in many cases, after about a year, happiness levels were restored to the same point pre-event. If people were generally happy, adaptable people, they still were that way after an accident. If people were pessimistic and cranky, they returned to their crabby ways even after winning the lottery.Now, that said, we CAN adjust our happiness set point by bringing greater purpose and meaning to our lives. By discovering our purpose and aligning our life to it, we adjust the scales and find greater satisfaction. That doesn’t mean our life will be easy or we won’t face difficult times. It means we change our perspective and extract the purpose from every situation (even the tough ones).

The Most important tip of all is having a Growth mind set…This is the ability to embrace challenges, This also means effort is the path to mastery, This also means learning from the success of others , and in all these have Grit because Grit is the ability to keep pushing even in the presence of failure..


How to get your life back on track

Ever wondered how to get your life back on track. First ask yourself, what is control?

Could it mean having the right balance between your personal and professional life? Or possessing the skill to make quick decisions.

Each person defines control differently and control usually slips out of our hands. Once control is lost; we either attempt to grab hold of it or completely let go, which causes a domino effect.

Jerry as an example of the domino effect.

Jerry has a nice job and hits the gym regularly. Eating fairly balanced meals, and never strict on his diet, he’s aware of what goes into his body. He has a wife at home, and has photography as a hobby outside of work.

Now, jerry recently got given a project at work, which has been causing him stress. He now has lunches at his desk, and it’s usually whatever he can get. He rearranged meeting with friends , rescheduled his anniversary dinner with his wife, and stopped hitting the gym. He tells himself, “I’ll make it up” and continues to focus completely on the project at hand.

Months later, Jerry has completed his project and is given a well-deserved applause. Feeling good but disconnected. His friends have planned a gatherings without him, he’s added some weight from and although he makes up the anniversary dinner with his wife, she genuinely lacks interest anymore.

The lesson from the story is, things usually feel out of control when we begin to ignore the things and people who matter, even for a moment. And at such times, one begins to wonder how to get their life back on track. Also one needs to understand that once you let one thing uncared for, it’ll become easier to let other things uncared for, which will cause an off balance.

  1. Life Audits

Life Audits make you start paying attention to different areas of your life- career, relationships, well-being, finance, health, spirituality and creativity. It’s best to access where you are at when getting your life back on track.

Life Audits come in many forms, from list of questions to the wheel of life.

When control is lost, it is sign you must check yourself to get back on track. Atimes, when life comes in the way and being busy gets in the way, we abandon important and essential areas in our life that cause us to sacrifice our health and substitute our energy and time to things that are not working for us.

The first step is to check and see your happiness level in the major areas of your life you want to learn how to get your life back on track. Successful people are those who can avoid decieving the self on which areas need major work in their lives.


In the long-term confidence is how you show up everyday. Getting up and going to work. Proper motivation for the day.

Lack of physical and mental clarity show that things is out of control. Confidence is in your complete reach.

The law of attraction will be experienced on the things that give you confidence. Like a thread, as confidence grows, the colours of the whole threads brightens and over time will push back on the dark ( low) confidence. If its commiting to fitness or more knowledge, you go for what you truly enjoy.

More control on one aspect of your life positively impacts other areas of your life.

  1. A Brain Dump

Brain dumping helps decongest the mind and brings ideas forward in order to get back on track. Space is needed to give room for focus. 15mins of brain dump, writing things that come to mind, help put things in your control more. With no initial structure but later organised notes.

  1. Tiny little details

Always remember things that surround your immediate space are the things that are easiest to take control of. This means paying attention to the tiny little details, organizing the different aspects of your life step by step.

The little things add and help reduce stress and have more control in your life.

  1. Recognize your purpose

Identifying your motivation and building your motivation rests on the four corners of purpose. Self-awareness can help define your purpose. When you define your purpose, your building a strong foundation for yourself.

When things seem to be going out of control, go back the purpose and the happiness that comes from it. Let that help you try get your life on track.

  1. Time Management

Keeping track of time can help get your life back on track, how much time you spend doing certain things, with whom and possible retiming of meetings.

  1. To-Do Lists

Patience and consistency are the corner stones for routines. To-Do lists help get your life back on track especially if they are daily To-Do Lists. Repetition of exercises and reassessing works here also. Different approach to completing a task is helped by the list as well.

The Bottom Line

When it seems that life is getting out of control, it’s also a sign to go slower and reassess yourself more but not harshly. Finding balance is a good sign of getting your life back on track. Acquiring balance in the long term will not only allow better opportunities present itself, but will also help rebuild and get back on track.

Analog and Digital Wristwatches

Analog and Digital Wristwatches combine both analog and digital LCD displays. They are unique, fun and practical. Also called “Ana-Digi”

Many customers without the right knowledge divide wristwatches into analog and digital wristwatches. Whereby digital wristwatches are thought to be inexpensive and analog more expensive. While “Ana-digi” wristwatches are a hybrid, with digital LCD displays having also the analog feature. Apart from having is own battery powered nature, Ana-digi wristwatches are cool wristwatches which give it’s users both analog and digital readouts of time.

Analog hands, normally allow one to check the time with speed, while other major information remains in the background. More legible and preferable wristwatches are positive LCD displays over negative displays on Ana-digi wristwatches.

Edifice Casio G-shock Analog/Digital wristwatches

Among the products from Casio, G-shock is among them. There are certain features to expect from G-shock wristwatches. Which are:
All G-shock wristwatches: 100M-200M water resistance, 12/24 hour time formats for digital display models, shock resistance, alarm, full calenders, stopwatch or chronograph.
Most G-shock wristwatches: World Time, backlight, multiple daily alarms with snooze alarm(analog and digital models) and a countdown timer.
Few G-shock wristwatches: Solar power, automatic time calibration, sensors(thermometer and compass) and Bluetooth capatibility.
For today, we shall be focusing on Analog-Digital wristwatch series.

Edifice Casio G-shock wristwatch

GA-800 Analog-Digital wristwatch series.

Time is displayed in both digital analog layouts with stopwatch capatibility. For pricier models, these wristwatches have a seconds hand.

GA-700 Analog-Digital wristwatch series.

These series have the longest battery life apart from it’s solar powered models.

Our Final Thoughts

These are just two options that we consider for this blogpost. The more features in your G-shock, the pricier it becomes. Regardless of which you choose, most models are always more functional than most mechanical wristwatches in the market. When it concerns time not value.

Tips on how to choose a Watch

It can be really tasking when choosing the right watch, with the huge number of watches in the market presently.

There are 3 main points to consider when choosing the right wristwatch for you. Which are: your budget, your lifestyle and your priorities.

Before Watch Shopping:

it’s of great benefit to know a bit about timepieces, its styles and availability. Choosing the best watch for yourself, is about knowing your options. A few basic points to keep in mind.

Budget: How much can you afford to spend?Watches can range from under NGN 20,000 to over NGN 20,000,000 depending on the brand, materials, etc. Designer (luxury) Watches are more expensive, cool watches are a bit less expensive, then casual watches are the least expensive.

Your options:We have a variety of styles, types and needs which control the choice of watch for yourself or as a gift.

Sport watches: are durable and are designed for activity. People choose this timepieces with water or shock resistance and the materials used in production. Dive watches are specifically built for divers, as they can withstand water.

Casual watches: are for everyday use, this could be a digital or analog or both. Depending on your preference. Casual watches are normally really comfortable.

Chronographic watches: have a stop watch function and other helpful features.

Designer Watches: range from casual to formal watches. Allowing you the possibility of glancing at your favorite brand every time you look at the time. Diamond and Gold watches. These special kind of watch can be gold or silver with diamond. They are very expensive and of high quality.Formal watches are normally for occasions. People wear these watches only on the day of special events or gathering.

Pocket watches: resides in the pocket without stressing the wrist.

Necklace and bracelet watches: are another lovely set of watches. Also perfect for occasions and outings.

Points to Note:

How you use your watch: Purchasing of your watch is directly linked with the use of watch, where the watch will be worm mostly and when the watch will be worm mostly. Water and snow sports require diving watches; running and other hobbies require sports watches, evening events and parties require formal watches, at work or home require casual watches and accessories for outfits require pocket watches. Your personal style: your wardrobe and personal style should match the selected watch. Style of clothes and fashion statements should match the watch, colours of clothes, mix of styles and formality levels should all be taken into a little consideration when selecting the watch for you. Important features to note: Would it be digital or analog or both, level of resistance, battery power, adjustability of the band and stopwatch function.

A Timepiece you have never seen before:

In conclusion; the best watch for you is the one you really love. When you choose a watch that matches your personal style, your needs, formality and comfortability. You would have ultimately made the best choice for yourself.

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